An amazing new coloring book that combines detailed coloring scenes
with color-by-number puzzles that reveal a story

In addition to beautifully detailed coloring scenes, patterns and motifs,
this coloring book also offers the pleasure of watching hidden images emerge
as you complete the color-by-number puzzles.
Have fun following the story of Wonderland with each puzzle you solve.
Solutions to the puzzles are included at the end of the book, along with a fully colored sample.

The Enchanted Forest of Wonderland
A Book of Coloring and Puzzles
The Enchanted Forest of Wonderland
A Book of Coloring and Puzzles

Follow the story of the Enchanted Forest of Wonderland
as you have fun with the coloring pages and puzzles.

Open this book and it will be as if a story from a picture book is beginning.Find the door that leads to Wonderland, search for the silhouettes of friendly forest creatures within the detailed patterns and motifs, enjoy hours coloring scenes from the forest, be surprised as the color- by-number puzzles reveal their secrets... all this as you watch the story unfold with each turn of the page.

This book includes not only puzzles requiring concentration, but also many scenes, patterns and motifs to color in for fun and relaxation. Whether you are in the mood for a brain-training puzzle to stimulate your mind as you add the colors while looking for the solution, or a lovely coloring page to lose yourself in and let your mind go, create your very own coloring story as you go through the book.

coloring puzzles

A new kind of coloring book
that includes numerous “coloring puzzles”!

Join in the fun of the “coloring puzzles” phenomenon, which has been getting a lot of attention around the world.

This book features a variety of puzzles and beautifully detailed patterns made up of numerous color “blocks” – which are also hiding a secret that can only be discovered by coloring in each block according to the number/color key. Once you have colored in the page according to the instructions, you’ll be amazed to find surprising color differences and letters appearing before your eyes.

It’s easy to get started, even for those who are new to coloring puzzles. With plenty of sample solutions at the back of the book and many different kinds of puzzles in varying degrees of difficulty contained in an easy-to-use size, anyone can enjoy coloring this book from the very first page.

Flowers, animals, patterns...and more!

Flowers, animals, patterns...and more!
Motifs and rich coloring variations fill these pages...

With so many different kinds of coloring pages and puzzles included in this book, The Enchanted Forest of Wonderland is perfect for those just beginning to color, or for those looking for a new coloring challenge!

Color in not only puzzles but also gorgeous flowers, cute animals, and patterns and motifs...

Open it up when you are by yourself, when you want to relax, or when you want to concentrate on a puzzle to calm your mind.Share it with someone you love – a parent or grandparent, a friend, a child – whether as a gift, or simply to enjoy the time spent together as you color in the pages and follow the story.

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy this book, and so many coloring creations to make and share.

adult coloring book by anyan

And, in the spirit of sharing,
why not share your very own picture book creation with others?

Once you’ve colored in this book, give your original picture book to the world!
Share your creation with others on Instagram – and see how others have created their own Wonderland - using the hashtag #Wonderland_anyan. You can also see anyan’s own sample coloring pages and solutions to the puzzles at the back of the book.

So, let’s share the fun and the wonder of coloring through The Enchanted Forest of Wonderland!

The Preview video of the book on YouTube

Check the preview on YouTube!

Look for the Japanese edition of The Enchanted Forest of Wonderland

Look for the Japanese edition of The Enchanted Forest of Wonderland
(不思議の森のWonderland パズルも遊べて心がなごむぬりえBook)
in bookstores throughout Japan beginning June 15, 2016.

96pp / 220 x 220mm (8.67 x 8.67 inches)
Release date: June 15, 2016
-List price: 1,300 yen (plus tax)-
Author/Illustrator: anyan
-Publisher: Nihon Bungeisha Publishing-

For international rights inquiries, or to learn more about anyan’s work,
please contact Paper Crane Agency, Tokyo:


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About the author

anyan is an illustrator and textile designer based in Japan.

Born Yamanashi Prefecture, anyan graduated from Meiji Gakuin University with a degree in French Literature. In 2001, he began work as a pattern designer in Kyoto, where he had the opportunity to work on many patterns for kimonos.
Since then, anyan has created distinctive illustrations and designs for textiles, stationery, decorative items, books, coloring books, PR materials and more. His work is becoming increasingly popular overseas, and is known for the way it combines a range of elements and styles – Scandinavian, Japanese, POP, modern, retro – each with their own unique story to tell.
In addition to The Enchanted Forest of Wonderland, anyan has also published three titles that combine his design and craft ideas: Holiday Stamps made from Erasers, Saijiki DESIGN: Seasonal Words for Haiku Poets and Modern Designs for Colorful Paper Accessories.
In 2012, Anyan established the print fabric brand “Cotorienne,” for which he is also a designer.